Brent Black, Critical Jazz Reviews Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet

Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet Album Cover“Old school goes new cool with Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet, Nice!

Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication and Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet has that down cold. Remember west coast cool and what real swing sounded like? Well melody has just been released from the jazz witness protection program! Most releases of this nature would have the 4tet phoning it in with some time tested standards and production values that would sound like the music was sanitized for your protection, not here.

Live in the studio, one take and they just don’t make them like that anymore. The set list here includes some reinvented favorites such as “Sophisticated Lady” along with “I’m Old Fashioned.” There are some most impressive originals that are banged out with a lyrical sense of purpose including “Weightless” from bassist Gary Wicks and “Gone” from Andrew Boyle. Truth be told there really isn’t a weak link to be found here. Each member could easily become a leader in their own right which may be a strong reason for the lyrical synergy that jumps from band.

This is an act to keep an eye on!”

–Brent Black /

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