Audiophile Audition Review

Sophisticated Lady – Jazz Quartet  – Yarlung Records

Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet Album CoverSophisticated Lady is thrilled to have a new review which you can find on Audiophile Audition.

A big Shout Out to Yarlung Records for the outstanding production quality of our album.

“A rare combination of expert jazz and modern recording technology.”

Published on December 9, 2014

Quote from Audiophile Audition Review:

Review from Robbie Gerson

“There are several original numbers that are captivating. Drummer Andrew Boyle contributes two songs. “Green Eyed Monster” is harmonic and filled with trumpet/piano counterpoint. “Gone” is a hushed ballad, nudged along with Boyle’s gentle brush strokes. Pianist Adair contributes three unusually complex tunes. “Ropes Of Sand” has a haunting quality and seems to capture the group at its most creative. “Finale” has that crisp, swinging quality of a Brubeck jam with well-time bold strokes. “Fields Of Kurdistan” demonstrates the nuanced flow of a classical piece of music, but with some bluesy flair. All three maintain their freshness after subsequent plays. Bassist Wicks creates a meditative lullaby on “Night Night”, while “Weightless” emphasizes early Miles Davis chord structures (as stated in the incisive liner notes).”

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